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Sacra Incense Gold + Myrrh

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29,98 (VAT inclusive)

120 Capsules

Base price: 46,84 € each 100 g

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120 Capsules

Base price: 46,84 € each 100 g

Sacra Incense Gold + Myrrh - 200 capsules

The crowning glory for your joints

Take advantage of the beneficial and valuable century old secrets of incense in remaining vital and mobile.
Right now, as it gets cold and uncomfortable again outside, is the perfect time to pamper your body with an incense treatment! Take advantage of the beneficial and valuable century old secrets of incense in remaining vital and mobile, even in winter.
Why incense is now so well known and sought after when it comes to the well-being of joints, arises from the following:

The historical story about the use of incense is millennia old, even if nowadays it is mainly the Catholics in this country which know about the incense from its use in Church. It is actually part of many rituals, for example during High Mass. The reason is clear: Incense is the sacred symbol of God. That was also the reason, inter alia, why the three wise men of the Orient presented incense to baby Jesus, in addition to gold and myrrh. By the way: Incense has long had the same value as gold, because it was then used to fight all sorts of diseases - of course in much higher concentrations. More than 4000 years ago, incense was officially used as a remedy in Babylon. Similarly the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans appreciated its diverse effects. Incense was used for a long time and was sold at a very high price.

It was at the end of the 19th century that incense became lost, especially since modern chemistry displaced more and more natural remedies. For reasons which will not be discussed in detail here, it was in the 1980s that one began again to turn back to natural remedies and natural substances, which included incense.

Incense is resin derived from a very special tree, which has extremely demanding growth conditions. It requires a certain mineral-rich rocky soil in extremely dry regions in order to flourish. Only three regions on earth meet these requirements. In geography circles one of these regions is known as the so-called "belt of incense" and is located on the Arabian Peninsula in Yemen and Oman. East India and Somalia are the other two large producers of incense . Incense therefore can not be harvested in large quantities due to the rare existence of the right growth conditions.
For the recipe of our product Sacra Incense Gold, we have chosen only incense that comes from the Sultanate of Oman. It is considered as the best in the world and is called Boswellia sacra. For this reason, we named our precious product "Sacra" incense.

This incense originating from the Sultanate of Oman is much brighter and more transparent than the other (more brownish) incense types. It boasts such a high quality that it is not only used as food, but also in the pharmaceutical industry where, of course, it is used in significantly higher doses. One says that it was exactly this incense variety that the three wise men took to Bethlehem. So Oman does then lie on the way to Bethlehem.

The harvesting of incense in Oman is not particularly large. This variety is still harvested by hand and the incense trees themselves are very rare here. Speaking of harvesting: The extraction of tree resin takes place with a special scraping knife in that small incisions are made into the tree. From these incisions the resin then runs out in the form of a milky sap which then coagulates in the sun. After 14 days, the resin hardens and can then be further processed. A tree can be harvested three to four times per year delivering between ten to twenty kilos of resin. But then, after three years, the tree needs a break for a few years.

Valuable are the boswellic acids contained in the natural resin. Studies in India and Germany have shown how interesting and effective this substance can be. Especially for the well-being and health of joints, incense is a natural refreshment like no other. The most well-known incense specialist is the German pharmacologist Prof. Hermann Ammon. He has dealt with the effects of incense for decades at the University of Tübingen and reaffirms this statement.

Many other scientists are also enthusiastic about the huge benefits of incense. Numerous working groups at universities in Germany, the United States and other countries are currently further researching the effects of this incredible natural substance. Even the Federal Government has tasked the University of Tübingen with intensively exploring incense.

Current research has also lifted the lid on the immense importance of the very specific ingredients of incense. Therefore, it should be clearly noted at this point: Caution - incense is not always incense. You should know that an incense tree provides a variety of boswellic acids. These several different varieties of boswellic acids differ significantly from each other meaning they are also completely different in their benefit to our health. Many incense products that are currently available on the market contain an indiscriminate mixture of these boswellic acids. According to the motto: Quantity without quality.

However, modern research has discovered: When it comes to the issue of joint health, it is important to consume three specific boswellic acids, and not all that the tree provides us with. Otherwise, the desired results are not achieved. Our Sacra Incense includes exactly these three boswellic acids which help to achieve the maximum nutritional effect for your joints. These three are called: 3-Acetyl-11-keto-ß-boswellic acid (AKBA), 3-Acetyl-keto-ß-boswellic acid and 3-Acetyl-a-boswellic acid.

All scientific investigations into incense which we have mentioned here are carried out exclusively with these three highly effective boswellic acids. Of course we have not used these boswellic acids in high concentrations in our Sacra Incense product as in medicinal drugs, you can be rest assured of having only the very best boswellic acid mix derived from the best incense variety in the world - from the Sultanate of Oman. Thus you nutritionally achieve the best effects to be expected for the well-being and the health of your joints.

Because we at Natura Vitalis always ensure the highest quality, it took a long time until we were able to present this high quality incense product after the large amount of requests recieved from our customers. Well, we finally succeeded in sourcing these large quantities of the highly pure and precious incense for you, and are pleased to be able to present to you, Sacra Incense Gold from Natura Vitalis, the crowning glory for your joints! Two capsules of Sacra Incense Gold will provide you daily with 670mg of the best incense available, and exclusively with the highly effective special boswellia acids.

Now we added natural substances like laurel and myrrh extract. Myrrh is used since hundreds of years in natural healing. It is used for inflammations and wound care. Gum of myrrh was used at dark age in Europe to reduce fever.

Give your joints a treat. Enjoy the best frankincense of the world.

2 capsules contain: Vitamin C - 40 mg = 50*, Boswellia sacra resin powder - 30 mg, Boswellia serrata resin extract - 250 mg, Boswellia serrata resin extract (standardized of 5% AKBA) – 200 mg – with AKBA (acetyl-keto-bosweillia acid) – 10 mg, myrrh extract – 60 mg, other plant substances - 42 mg.
* = % of the reference amount (NRV) based on the Food Information Regulations.

Recommended daily use: Please consume 1 capsule with sufficient liquid daily in the morning and 1 in the evening.

Information for diabetics: 2 capsules contain 0.06 bread unit.

Please note: Dietary supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.

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from Robert on 12.10.2017
Mein Handgelenk tut Gott sei Dank nicht mehr so weh und die Schwellung ist relativ schnell zurückgegangen.
from Gabriele on 25.10.2017
Sehr gut auch bei rxxxxxxxxxxx Schmerzen, bin sehr zu Frieden.
from Sarah on 09.11.2017
"Seit kurzer Zeit nehme ich regelmäßig die Weihrauch Kapseln. Ich vertrage sie sehr gut und habe keinerlei Nebenwirkungen.
Weihrauch sollsehr gut bei Entzündungen helfen und da ich chronische Gelenksentzündungen habe, habe ich mich für die Kapseln entschieden. Ich Kombination mit der Schulmedizin eine gut Sache."
from Indrit on 26.04.2018
Mein Arzt sagte mir das bei Zahnschmerzen Ibuprofen helfen soll, ich bin umgestiegen auf Ihr Produkt, da eine Bekannte mir sagte das es gegen schmerzen helfen kann! 4 Kapseln habe ich genommen und es ist besser geworden! Ich bin so unglaublich froh das ich keine Chemie nehmen muss. Alles geht auch mit Mutternatur!
from Britta on 30.06.2018
Ich habe zwar keine Entzündungen mehr aber bei Rheuma weiß man nie wann der nächste Schub kommt, und nehmen schadet ja nicht
from Michael on 17.07.2018
Meine persönliche Erfahrung mit Sacra Weihrauch in Kombination mit CBD-ÖL Weihrauch, Flexibell und Teufelskralle

Seit über 20 Jahren haben mich heftige Rückensxxxxxxxx geplagt, wenn ich schweres gehoben habe, oder länger als 10 Minuten gestanden bin. Auch unkontrollierte Bewegungen haben mir immer wieder Sxxxxxxxxx bereitet. OP wollte ich nicht. Ich habe vieles probiert, aber leider kein Ergebnis gehabt.
Als dann das CBD Öl auf den Markt kam, habe ich sofort eine Chance für mich gesehen und sofort begonnen, es zu konsumieren. In Kombi mit drei weiteren Produkten von NV war ich nach ca. 3 Monaten völlig sxxxxxxxxxx!
Ich kann nur sagen, dass meine Lebensfreude und Lebensqualität sich erheblich gesteigert haben - ich bin glücklich!
from Werner on 22.07.2018
Sacra Weihrauch hilft mir sehr gut bei meinen entzündlichen Gelenken. Ich kann ich es jeden mit chronischen Gelenkbeschwerden empfehlen.
from Ralf on 25.11.2018
Ich nehme es in Kombination mit Weidenrinde, MSM, CBD Stem, Hyaluron, Omega 3, Esther C
Ich brauche so gut wie kein Ibu mehr .
from Klaus on 11.01.2019
Ich bin hellauf begeistert. Meine Gelenkschmerzen sind deutlich zurück gegangen bis nicht mehr spürbar. In Zusammenhang mit FlexiBel, Teufelskralle, MSM ein eindeutig hochkarätiges Produkt. Sehr zu empfehlen.
from Sabine on 16.01.2019
Ich habe den Weihrauch für meine Mutter bestellt die einen kaputten Rücken hat, Arthrose in den Knien und Rheuma so das sie ihre eine Hand nicht mehr richtig öffnen kann. Sie hat nach 2 Tagen einnahme weniger schmerzen in den Knien und kann ihre Hand auch schon besser öffnen so das sie auch damit wieder etwas anfassen kann. Das es so schnell geht hätten wir nicht erwartet. Da auch keine anderen Umstände waren, kann es nur an den Kapsel liegen.
from Sven on 20.07.2017
Hatte noch vor einigen Tagen starke Knieschmerzen. Nach Einnahme diesen Weihrauch Kapseln sind die Schmerzen deutlich weniger geworden.

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